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Caroline Muskett Mendoza

Hello Darlings,

As many of you guessed my name is Caroline, I am the founder and photographer of Moon and Midnight Photography. I am a 25 year old Filipino/Navajo student, wife and mother. I am married to a wonderful man; Dominic Mendoza, we have 2 kids and 2 fur babies a Boxer named Mocha Beans (my love of coffee) and a Chihuahua named Lola Bean. Our love for adventure has sparked us to help couples capture their own memories, we travel often and try to make others feel as amazing as we do!

I am heavily into coffee (hopefully will open a coffee shop of my own). I am a lover of craft beer, reading, traveling and meeting new people. I am professional in the ways of I handle my business, but I also am not super awkward. I won't make you feel uncomfortable unless you request it J/K please never request that. I am super sarcastic and full of tattoos which throws people off at first but I swear I am not as crazy as I may look. If you don't already know my company is named after my two beautiful babies; Mela Moon and Matius Midnight, because of course everything I do is for those two amazing children. 

Here's some in depth things you may want to know.

I am a natural light photographer serving the ever growing diverse city of Albuquerque NM and its surrounding areas; (Los Lunas, Belen, Corrales, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe). I focus on portrait photography, and wedding photography, mostly... but hey, I am a jack of all trades and have done, events, model, fashion and scenic photography as well as thats what I originally started when I began my photography journey, I am a part of the Professional Photographers Association of America and still plan to continue my education in photography. I plan to attend The Academy of Arts  for my BA in Photography in the spring of 2018. 

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A little about my photography history. 

I started photography at a very early age, as far back as 1996, I was only 4 and my parents bought me my first disposable camera, (I know this because 1. photo proof and 2. my father told me). As I grew, I wanted to take more photos, so my parents invested in my first film camera when I was around the age of 8. My dad would buy me film packs and we would develop 1 every other week and I remember filling out the forms at Wal-Mart to develop my film and let me tell you, back then having patience was key, but at 8 years old I would call literally everyday till my negatives and photos were ready. Needless to say I was persistent and probably an annoying little turd. 

Fast forward to my middle school days, they offered film photography as an elective and of course I took it for 4 semesters of my middle school life. I was a very shy child and photos were a way for me to express myself. We moved so often in the military that I got to see so many new beautiful places and not so beautiful and taking photos was and still the only way I can go back and remember those memories I would have forgotten if film didn't exist. 

My first photoshop class was my freshman year in high school in Phoenix, and I instantly fell in love with creating crazy things from a mere photo, after that, I began taking digital photography classes, learning the basics of DSLR cameras (Nikon mostly) and pursued my dream to be a photographer. After, my freshman year we moved back to Los Lunas, NM and thats were I started film photography once more, I learned about the Dark Room and developing my own film and learning the solutions for making photos. I took photo my remaining years at Los Lunas High. I won 1st and 2nd place for digital and film photography at the LLHS art show both my Junior and Senior year, I also had some of my work displayed at the New Mexico State Fair in 2009 and 2010 and won 2nd and 3rd place for those. 

Needless to say photography has been apart of me for a majority of my life and I am beyond excited to show clients all the beautiful moments I can capture for them. 

Who to thank for my awesomeness

There are only a few people I need to thank for this business who I am beyond thankful for each and everyday. 

My daddy; Leander Muskett, he raised me to be hard working, and chase everything I ever wanted and to never stop. He made me strong and smart and fight ever fight like its my last. Dad for all you've done I cannot thank you enough, your my hero and always will be. My sisters; Michelle, Leah and Anna; the 3 of you kept me going when I didn't have much, our bond will always be strong and ever lasting. No matter what I'll always protect you 3 with every breath I may breathe, i love you more then words. 

My wonderful foster family; my Mommy and Pops; Thaddeus and Amanda Preston, you two took me in never caring what anyone thought and loved me and my family unconditionally, you have done more then anyone could possible ever ask from you. Mom having you in my life has been more then any blessing I could ask for and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without you. My 2 other little sisters; Deona and Dora, girls I may not always show it but I love the shit out of you both, you have came into my life with so much love.

My amazing in laws. Thank you Chris, Ricarda and my baby sister Amber Mendoza, for the constant support you have given Dominic and I as we grow as a family and business, the love and advice you have given me is beyond anything I can learn from school. I cannot appreciate and thank you enough for the guidance since I met you three.

  Of course my amazing husband Dominic, geez babe you are my very core, everything I am now is because of the non stop support and love you give me and our kids. I am so lucky I married my very best friend and get to share this life with you. My tiny babies Mela and Matius, thank you for being your free crazy selves, my world is complete since the day you both arrived, everything I do, will always be for you two

. Lastly, my girls, my best friends, my homies; Sydney, Ashley & Christina, you 3 girls are all so different from one another and I adore each of you. You keep me grounded, you remind me of how easy it is to lose ourselves, every moment I have with you girls, is something I cherish, your family to me and I love you immensely.


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